Open Source

All projects listed on this page are open source.

White Tie is a NuGet Package that extends your Visual Studio projects to make building, generating documentation, generating a NuGet package and deploying your open source software much easier.

Switches between Visual Studio settings automatically when a solution is opened. Also switches or exports settings at the click of a button.

LINQ to OWIN is middleware that allows you to code your Katana/OWIN web applications as a set of reactive queries using Rx (Reactive Extensions) for .NET.

DocProject drives the Sandcastle help generation tools using the power of Visual Studio 2005/2008 and MSBuild. DocProject provides a new type of documentation project with seamless integration in Visual Studio.


Rxx is a library of unofficial LINQ extensions and types supplementary to Reactive Extensions (Rx) for .NET. Rxx offers a wide range of features targeting multiple platforms and scenarios.

Labs Framework enables you to create and manage experiments in C#, Visual Basic and F# during everyday software development using the .NET Framework across multiple platforms.

A stand-alone HTML5 page that displays your Windows RSS Platform feeds right on your home page in Internet Explorer.

Originally, RubyFeed was available for download directly from my website. I blogged about it here.

Auto-Input Protection is a highly extensible ASP.NET web control that provides CAPTCHA protection for your blogs, forums, wikis and websites.